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Arnest, Douglas

About Douglas Arnest, CFP ,  ChSNC



360 Financial, LLC

Founder & CEO

Upon completing the University of California – Berkeley’s personal financial planning curriculum and logging over 3,000 hours of financial planning experience, Douglas completed rigorous examinations to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER       and a Chartered Special Needs Consultant       .

Simply put, this means he has the necessary tools to provide you with comprehensive financial planning assistance, not just investment management advice. Most important to you, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER      , he is required to act in a fiduciary capacity at all times. This means you are both on the same team.

Research confirms those who set specific and challenging goals outperform others 90 percent of the time.

Douglas provides his clients with goal-based financial planning, a process of setting financial goals, prioritizing those goals, taking inventory, forecasting and calculating the probability of successfully achieving those goals.

Goal-based financial planning and a commitment to making specific and challenging goals are essential to you achieving financial success.




Barden, Eric

About Eric Barden, CFA

Barden Capital Management


President & Portfolio Manager

Eric Barden provides expert commentary for a variety of media outlets. He has appeared on both CNBC and Bloomberg, and is frequently quoted in Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smart Money, Investor’s Business Daily, and

Eric and his brother, Ryan, grew up in Kansas. In 1991, Eric began studies toward an Economics and Government major at the University of Texas. While he considered pursuing either an MBA or law degree, a friend observed Eric’s talent and passion for following the stock market, and suggested that he direct his talents toward a career in investing.

While still attending the university, Eric put his talents to work as a volunteer for a local investment adviser and utilized his pre-law background to organize the initial public offering of the mutual fund. He later went to work full-time with the newly formed mutual fund company and spent the next 12 years developing his multi-style approach to the markets.

About Ryan Barden

Barden Capital Management

Chief Operations and Compliance Officer

Ryan Barden entered the financial services industry in 1997, when the company Eric was working for hired Ryan to organize the firm’s operations and compliance. Ryan holds his degree from the University of Kansas. Now, with nearly twenty years of experience, he uses his attention to detail to help ensure that Barden Capital’s business runs smoothly.

His top priority is making sure client accounts are managed according to the client’s needs. He executes all of the trades for client accounts and generates informative quarterly statements. He is also a compliance expert. He has been a Chief Compliance Officer for many years, and also created and executed all of the filings required to start a broker/dealer. He works hard to make sure that everything Barden Capital does is in line with federal and state regulations.

Barden, Ryan
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